We Deliver Connections

Wayapay is a better way to send money to Africa.
It's safe, it's secure, it's easy and it doesn't cost a lot of money.
No long queues, no waiting in line to get your money;
Wayapay delivers your money straight to any bank account or mobile wallet..

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Our Story

Sending money from other parts of the world to Sub Saharan Africa can be stressful, expensive and an uphill task. We decided to change that.

We are a money remittance service for the modern day world!

Wayapay is an electronic funds transfer and remittance provider that enables consumers to send money from any country in the world, Majorly targeting United States, Australia, UK and Canada, to Kenya, and other African Countries. Wayapay therefore ofers money transfer services, primarily from one person to another, in many countries worldwide.

Money is sent securely through a web and mobile applications and may be received via Mobile Money Wallets like Mpesa, Equitel and AIRTEL MONEY, MTN Money, Tigo Pesa, Bank Accounts and into Wayapay Wallets. Users pay for the service using Debit or Credit cards, Wire Transfers, ACH (USA) or other online wallets and transfer methods like PayPal, WeChat pay and Stripe

Register to Wayapay

Sign up online or on our app with your phone number or email address. On sign up, we also ask you to connect your credit or debit card to the app.

Choose an amount to send

Tell us how much you want to send. We’ll convert for you and tell you how much money your receipient will get.

Add recipient details

Provide us with recipient mobile wallet details of bank account details. these will be saved in your app for future reference

Verify the details

Verify the details of the transaction, from the amounts, and the recipient information before sending the money

Pay for the transfer

Once you have confirmed that everything is okay, we require you to pay for your tranfer using a connected card, or from your wayapay wallet or any other method.

You are done

Once payment is confirmed. we shall securely remit money to your recipient instantly!