Millions of immigrants are struggling to access banking services and millions more are struggling to send money back home. We exist to solve this.

Digital Banking Services

Open a digital bank account in minutes, access banking services, and say bye to all the hassles of traditional banking.

Money Transfer Services

Send money across borders to over 100+ countries in a fast, convenient and affordable manner.

Spend Better

Enjoy better spending using our debit card and keep track of your expenses and income.

Grow and build wealth

Save towards your goals, invest, and discover more tools to help you build your wealth.

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Simplifying how people bank and move money.

Get set up in minutes

Set up your account easy & stress-free. Get set up in under 5 minutes & start transacting and experiencing banking the Wayapay way.

Fund your account

Fund your account from your bank, mobile wallet, debit card or initiate ACH or wire transfer. Store your money securely in your Wayapay Wallet.

Send and receive money

Instantly Send to and receive from other Wayapay wallets, or to/from other users’ bank accounts and mobile wallets at a small affordable transparent fee.

Financial Wellness Tools

Manage your money, save, build up your credit score, access credit and more. Wayapay is equipped with tools to help you manage your money better.

Spend using your card

Your Wayapay debit card is your gateway to a convenient payment experience. Spend at your favourite shops, restaurants, or any point of sale. Make your day to day online payments securely with your card.

Cross Border Transfers

Send money in a fast and convenient way from your Wayapay Bank Account, or straight from your Bank or funding source to other countries globally.

Committed to transforming the world, One Transaction at a time. With Wayapay: It’s Fast It’s Safe It’s Convinient

Who are we? What do we do?

Wayapay was founded with the aim of delivering world-class Fin-tech solutions and products to the global financial market, specifically focused on improving financial inclusion in the USA and across Sub-Saharan Africa through spearheading digital banking and mobile payments as well as powering cross border transfers and payments globally. Our long term vision is to unlock financial opportunities for everyone, especially the underserved, the underbanked and those often excludes from traditional financial systems.

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Steering the path to financial Inclusion, one transaction at a time.

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